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Transparency, Diversity, Technology, Generosity, and Sovereignty

The World Tokenomic Forum

World Tokenomic Forum is the leading international organization for enabling public-private cooperation, interoperability, and innovation as we move to a new economic order in a token and blockchain based global economy. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have become the future of the economic and financial sector. Even though bitcoins are the most popular cryptocurrency, several other cryptocurrencies are also becoming popular. Metaverse is one such popular VR ecosystem that has become noticed with the rising prominence of cryptocurrency. The crypto used in metaverse is also a factor noticed by the crypto traders around the world.


Where the World's Leaders In Cryptocurrency, Government, capital markets, and Technology Convene.

Membership is by invitation-only.



We build bridges and tear down walls between decentralized and centralized economic institutions to create a new economic order that works for all humanity, honors innovation, and secures sovereignty.


Through collaboration we create a more efficient, prosperous, transparent, and peaceful global economy that embraces our differences and shared humanity in the name of collective progress. We aspire to promote more safe, easy, and fast transactions and therefore, encourage the world to rely on crypto transactions. The use of automated crypto robots are helping us achieve this goal as more people are getting into crypto trading. The bitiq app 2022 version is one of the popular crypto robots in the market that efficiently helps in trading.


We provide the place and space for solving humanity’s biggest problems through meaningful discourse, competitive innovation, and high-value dealmaking.


Our members inspire, enable, and shape the present and future agenda of World Tokenomic Forum. They sponsor activities, make investments,  support Sandcastle Startups Challenge with judging and prizes, and embody our six core values.

Upcoming Events

Annual Summit
May 8-10, 2018

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands


Our members convene annually in Grand Cayman to discuss the future agenda, network, celebrate and invest in top startups from around the globe.

  • Be a part of the most important conversations in cryptocurrency, policy, and the global "token" economy
  • Meet the top 32 startup finalists at our Sandcastle Startups Challenge 
  • Create the deals and partnerships that matter
  • Make your annual commitments to selected opportunities for social good and give back

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"We recognized the need in the marketplace for a more curated, intimate, and pragmatic space to hold the crucial conversations between all stakeholders, while simultaneously providing a platform to identify, develop, and amplify the most promising technologies. Seeing the signal through the noise and building a new future together requires World Tokenomic Forum members to invoke sound pattern-recognition while mentoring, connecting, and capitalizing the innovators of tomorrow to maximize our collective economic potential." 
Shawn Bristow

Chris J Snook Founder/Executive Chairman


Membership to this consortium IS HIGHLY SELEcTIVE AND INVITATION-ONLY WITH PEER REVIEW. IT spans 20 countries at present WITH 150 openings for 2018

Our members across the world help inspire, enable, and shape the present and future agenda of World Tokenomic Forum activities, investments, and initiatives from a systemic, regional, and local level across all major industries and the global economy.

World Tokenomic Forum members respect and recognize the need for a more secure, more equitable, and more fluid exchange of resources and assets between individuals, enterprises, and sovereign societies and are leading the world forward.

 Membership bids are highly competitive but designed to be inclusive and open to all those committed to living the World Tokenomic core values and principles of total engagement and who will support and grow this thriving community and the Sandcastle Startup Competitors and alumni  of portfolio companies. 

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Select Members Include


Finalist competitors will fall into one of five categories of technology solution for the year 2018

Cybersecurity, Payments, Identity, Infrastructure, and Social Good.


Sandcastle Competition

The first round of elimination begins in Mid-April 2018 and through our proprietary competition committee process, diligence review, and member Q and A, the Sweet 16 winners will be invited to compete in Grand Cayman for over $250k in prizes and earned media exposure May 8-10 2018.*


  • Applicants must be early stage and have under $200m market cap at the time of application.
  • Your blockchain related technology solution fits one of the 2018 category themes.
  • Selected competitors will agree to the code of conduct and embody the core values





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World Tokenomic Forum members are the principal decision makers, influencers, capital providers, and policy makers within their enterprise and commit to generously and willingly share and receive connections that will elevate your inner circle and drive lasting and immediate impact.

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